Concept logos for athletes and sports personalities done as personal projects. All were made using Illustrator. Several of the logos have been considered by the athletes for use on future merchandise and other usage.

A breakdown of a personal concept logo for WNBA legend and Seattle Storm player Sue Bird. The idea behind the logo is incorporating Bird's initials and jersey number in a unique way. The logo's aim is to be identifiable amongst the numerous athlete logos, while also representing who Bird is as a player and person.
The overall logo creates a Roman numeral X, for Sue Bird's number 10 jersey number, as well as a variation of the hourglass, for how Bird has defied time. The two arrows represent her comebacks from setbacks. Also included are her initials.
Shoe branding opportunity utilizing the logo, particularly for the the Nike Kyrie line of footwear. Bird has been known to wear the particular style of shoe, and having her logo would be ideal for a signature shoe of her own. 
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