CODE Coffee was created with the computer and gaming community in mind. The objective was to create a coffee that could be sold at GameStop or EB Games, and be appealing to that community when sold at other locations. The use of appropriate colours, computer lingo and icons were factors in the design. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were all utilized and integrated in the creation of the packaging and supplemental material.
The packaging design for the pouch version of CODE Coffee was to keep with the brand's "cyber" or digital theme. A choice was made to have the packaging be black so the neon colours of the coffee names would contrast with it well. The CODE logo was made with the Android font, coffee names used Maassslicer, and descriptions were in He's Dead Jim. Neon versions of pink, orange and teal were chosen based on the palette of "Tron: Legacy" and other similar properties. The coffee names of "Connect", "Plug and Play" and "Derezzed" were based on computer lingo, and respective icons were added with each name.
For packaging design of the back, the brand origin story was written using Futura PT font. It's a sleek, easy to read font appropriate for the brand, and a major change from the logo and other fonts of the package. The layout was kept simple without too much clutter of information.
A similar look for the tin can version of the coffee was utilized of having a black base with neon colors. The tin can was chosen to be somewhat like the power-ups you might find in a video game.
Much like the back of the pouch package, the coffee's origin story is placed on the back as well. Having a similar look across all packaging types was to keep brand recognition and familiarity at the store.
Here is a supplemental black mug featuring the CODE logo on one side and the "reboot your day" slogan on the other. The mug's interior features the same blue as the CODE logo, creating a universal theme.
For the print advertisement, the coffee's "reboot your day" slogan was used as the headline with the same pink found on the "Connect" flavour packages. A "restart/power" button icon found on devices and computers with the same blue as the logo was overlay onto a bird's eye view of a mug to create an interesting look tying in the slogan. Like the packaging, black was used as the backdrop base to allow the foreground content to be accentuated.
Since the logo would already be seen on the Instagram account's name, the choice was made to not include it in the ad. This allowed a greater focus for the "power button" mug and the catchphrase of the ad. Unlike the print version, the "try the exclusive roasts" portion is now left aligned with the slogan. The brand's use of the black background is beneficial here since posts on Instagram are enclosed in white, allowing the ad to stand out.
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