Posters featuring movies and television programs, shared online via social media by the actors and creators involved with the projects. All were made using Photoshop with some instances of Illustrator.
The first in a series of unofficial posters for the short film 'Blue' by Ashley Eakin. The idea was to present the content from the film's subject of beauty and social media in an interesting manner. Different shades of blue were used for the credits and title, sampled directly from the image. A sense of balance was utilized to maintain tranquility in the poster, including the image of the two characters centered and aligned with the film's title.
This poster for 'Blue' was made to replicate the Instagram interface, since social media plays a key role in the film. Credits were made to look like the comment section, with the film's title replacing the "Likes" area. The image is a striking yet calming one from the film, showcasing the lead character. 
The idea with this 'Blue' poster was to capture an intimate part from the film involving the two characters in a choreographed sensual dance sequence. Using the blue veins as a guide, the title is placed at the top to lead the audience's eye down towards the credits at the bottom.
With this version of the 'Blue' poster, the idea was to capture the silhouette of the main character Emma's face, as well as the back of her body in a double image poster. In the film, the character has unique, blue beauty veins. Those veins were created here using a Photoshop brush, and placed to be on the silhouette's shoulder and back, while also presenting the illusion of the veins being a shield for the face silhouette.
A fan edit poster of the short film 'Single' written and directed by Ashley Eakin. The idea was to capture the tone from the image, and using it to create the club vibe of the scene. It was meant to be messy, while also having the focus on the image and title.
With this version of the 'Single' film fan poster, the idea was to isolate the lead character away from the background, making her the main focus. This was achieved by making a strip of colour stand out from the black and white background. The image also featured a chance to have her point to the film's title which was also presented in colour for contrast.
The choice was made to use black and white for this 'Open Arms' fan poster as a way to capture the emotion from the image. The use of open space at the top half of the poster was to create more focus on the bottom half with the subject and title. With such a dark background, the foreground colour, while still black and white, was able to contrast from the background and pop out in the forefront.
A fan poster for the Freeform movie 'Life-Size 2' made to look like a toy package for a doll. The film's stars Francia Raisa and Tyra Banks are made to appear inside the box, with the movie's air date and other information making up the packaging details. The colour choices were from the actual doll packaging used in the movie.
A tribute poster to the Lulu Wang film 'The Farewell' with a watercolour look. The background was given a watercolour paper texture. Photoshop brushes were applied to give the painted effect, revealing a powerful, emotional image taken from the film.
Upcoming television series 'Humor Me' required an official poster showcasing the principal actors, as well as the show's main location of Los Angeles. The premise was to have the three men appear to be drinking over the city skyline. As the city landscape fades to black, the show's tagline is placed over with white for a stark contrast.
Fan art tribute poster to the teen comedy 'Booksmart' directed by Olivia Wilde. The idea was to have a can of beer on top of a graduation cap, with the can spilling what would also become the tassel for the cap. A minimalist approach was utilized to keep the entire idea simple, including the use of the same three colours throughout.
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