The idea behind the logo is incorporating Lindsay Jernigan's initials into a unique icon. The "L" and "J" fuse together to form an eye-like shape, as well as somewhat resembling the inside of a flower. This certain shade of purple is similar to the one used on a Beyonce album cover. When her name is used on products and other items, it is presented via the Bodoni font.
A display of the Lindsay Jernigan logo printed on a t-shirt and a jumper. The placement of the logo on the upper right side on the front of the t-shirt, with the name near the top of the back was to mimic the similar styles seen in other fashion brands.
These are loot or shopping bags typically given away at fashion shows, or following a styling session with Lindsay and her team. The choice for the larger bag to be entirely black was to create a high-end mood, especially with just having the logo on the face of the bag, and her name filling out the sides. Having the smaller bag be white with the logo and name was done for the purpose of being a subtle takeaway.
As part of the Lindsay Jernigan brand, the logo is featured on stationery. Letterheads, envelopes and business cards contain the logo with her name, while digital screens feature just the logo.
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